The Wind Maker

Artist's Note:


Writer's Note:

So we did a Zelda comic last month, and Sarah really enjoyed replicating the Wind Waker art style, leading to this comic today. Yes, all attention is still on the elections, but hey - there's always time for a fart joke, right? 

Also, King of Red Lions / Hyrule is easily one of the weirdest characters in the Zelda universe, even if you count Tingle and the Happy Mask Salesman. How (and why) did he become a boat? And how did he stop being a boat, at the end of the game, where he literally appears out of nowhere? Does he possess the Triforce of Boats? Is there a Triforce of Boats? These are extremely pressing questions.  

Posted on November 7, 2016 and filed under Video Games, WTF.