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Kirby games are known for having mostly simple, lighthearted plot lines ("King Dedede stole all the food!"), which makes "Kirby: Planet Robobot" a bit unique with its adoption of dystopian science fiction themes.

As today's comic touches on, the plot of "Planet Robobot" is about an intergalactic corporation (run by an executive named "Max Profitt") who takes over Dreamland and replaces everyone with robots, all for the sake of creating "infinite prosperity". Not to spoil things too much, but even the subject of artificial intelligence plays a part of the story. It's basically like if Neil Stephenson wrote a book for children. 

I'm not sure what the developers were trying to achieve by telling a story about the dangers of unconstrained capitalism and technological progress for what is ostensibly a children's game, but whatever the case, I like it. It's almost a little subversive.