Get Hyped!

Artist's Note:

I found myself cringing a lot during the presentations. It's like an allergic reaction to bullshit and pretentiousness. But despite this, I do enjoy seeing how each company tries to show off "their best" to their fans. But some of these attempts can backfire, leaving their audience watching in awkward, cringing silence.

Good news though: Not EVERYTHING is bad. In fact, there's a lot to be excited about! VR games! Hackers are doing parkour! Kojima's got Norman Reedus butt naked in a game! Yeah. That happened. And the next Legend of Zelda title looks pretty smashing, though it appears to be set sometime after Skyward Sword...? Or maybe I'm making a bad assumption? Nevertheless, it looks like I'll be saving up my money for some new games...and maybe a new console?

Aw geez here we go again.


Writer's Note:

Sometimes you have to remind yourself that much of E3 is designed to appeal to corporate shareholders, as opposed to the mass consumer audience.

For this year's lineup, EA's was perhaps the most egregious, though some of the other shows weren't bad, notably Sony's, which I actually enjoyed due to its singleminded focus on game content. Even so, I still wish the big game studios would adopt Apple's presentation style, which in my mind is still the gold standard for conducting effective product presentations. If they did that, I suspect much of the online snark that surrounds E3 coverage would go away.

...actually nevermind. I kinda like the snark. Keep being horrible, game studios.   

Posted on June 16, 2016 and filed under Video Games, Tech Stuff, Neeeeeeeeerd Stuffs~.