Going Dutch

Artist's Note:

Art comics, we do lots and lots of comics related to art stuff. We've done comics about art criticism, the relationship of the artist & writer, even about a matter of perspective.

Writer's Note:

First of all, yes, we know it's wrong to equate Amsterdam with Dutch culture as a whole...but she's an American, and thus such distinctions are beyond her ken. 

And don't worry - shortly after this incident, she was apprehended by the local Amsterdam authorities. They took away her gun and instituted the local rehabilitation procedures, which mostly consisted of giving her even more marijuana and telling her to chill out. 

Also, even though we set out to make this comic into one of our travel comics (do check out our Japan comic sequence), it also ended up turning into an art joke. Most of the time we just do sight gags, but other times we have fun with specific artists. It's not exactly a popular area for humor, but we get a kick out of it. 

Posted on July 17, 2017 and filed under Slice-of-Life, Cultural, WTF.