Ring Around the Swolsie

It’s Jank Thursday, so here’s a jank podcast and a jank comic. Enjoy!



Artist's Note:

Considering how overhyped the presenters were about Nintendo Ring, I can’t help but feign excitement in drawing that last panel. Cuz aw yeah, like I’m totally stoked to squeeeeeeeze that ring between my thighs.


Writer's Note:

Once again we are limited by the medium of comics and were thus unable to insert a bad Macho Man Randy Savage impression as the voice of Drago.

Also, while the Nintendo Ring might seem patently ridiculous, that’s mostly due to the ring device itself (and Nintendo’s eternal need to sell gimmicky hardware). If they just made the game as something you played while using a stationary bike or an elliptical machine, I could totally see people using it for an actual fitness regimen.