Oh Lawd He Chargin'


Artist's Note:

At first I thought that the weight was all in the leek sword and shield. But then, my dark dank brain whispered the truth…it’s all in THOSE MEATY BROWS.


Writer's Note:

The Corviknight trainer should’ve known better. Corviknight is like 7 feet tall but weighs over a hundred pounds less than Sirfetch’d (who is around 2 feet tall). In a head to head charge it’d be like trying to stop a bullet with a wad of tin foil.

Also, despite our namesake, we do surprisingly few bird jokes here (as well as dick jokes, making today’s comic a two-fer), which is why I am DELIGHTED by the recent slew of bird-based game developments: Banjo and Kazooie in Smash, this extremely heavy duck knight, and, of course, the “Untitled Goose Game” which apparently everyone is enjoying. If only the fate of real birds was enjoying a similar upswing…