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Episode 7: Get yer E3 opinions over here!


In this episode Sarah doesn't totally screw the podcast up! So we proceed to discuss Elon Musk's refusal to credit artists, and we stumble towards the main meat of the podcast: E3 2019.

We discuss EA's so-so presentation, Bethesda's dismal attempts at regaining the trust of their gamers, Square-Enix revealing the FF7-Remake, the cinematic reveal of Elden Ring (a collaboration between FromSoftware and George R.R. Martin), Keanu Reeves taking the Cyberpunk 2077 stage, Ubisoft's Watchdogs Legion's most beloved character, and Nintendo's many, many announcements (Animal Crossing, Pokemon, and the BoTW sequel.


Episode 6: The Tables have Turned?! (smolcast)


In this episode Sarah ruins everything. Literally everything. Her recording of the robust initial conversation was destroyed, and so we give you a “smolcast” instead.

The guilt is on her as we recap the construction of the two comics we made: Rolly Polly & Rogue(dis)like. We discuss E3, Keanu Reeves, the FF7 Remake, the Internet's love of WOOLOO(!), and DnD's most bafflingly crazy class (and the occasional Dungeonmaster's bane).


Episode 5: Back on Track w/ a side of Guac


In this episode we are back at it! But we still make the usual blunders.

We talk about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Pokemon Home & Sleep, Death Stranding and it's many bizarre layers, Sarah can't tell the difference between David Lynch and David Cage, Sozo can't tell the difference between Guillermo del Toro and Benicio del Toro, reveal the dark truth about the Berkeley "self-driving" robots, Marvel Entertainment creating audiobooks and our thoughts on interactive comics, and we solidify the algorithm dining experience.


Episode 4: Well Sozo what do we do now?!


In this episode we discuss how difficult it is to make podcasts, especially if you try to craft it carefully. Good thing we're crashing through with ours! Time to make all the mistakes!

We discuss Neal Stephenson's relationship w/ Silicon Valley, Sozo recognizing streamers in a nicer light, live-action Sonic being delayed, the Playdate console, Telltale games disappearing from GOG, Gaming Disorder, the Musk, the Zuck, more stuff about student loans and our rather straightforward way of looking at the threat on abortion (and in turn Roe v. Wade).

Also we work too goddamn much.


Episode 3: DANG IT SOZO


In this episode the writer screws up…a lot. Lots of recordings lost, shitty comic decisions were made, and we own up to the fact that we sometimes spoil our own comic material. WHOOPSIES!

We discuss mistakes, our favorite Magic the Gathering play styles, gushing about the Live D&D Weekend Event, Detective Pikachu love & Sonic hate, more dumb start-up/techie stuff, and uh...making a comic about controversial topics like abortion!


Episode 1: We Did Everything Wrong


In the year 2019 everyone is making a podcast, especially folks who aren't qualified to do us! This is the start of a janky experiment, in which we learn how to talk like proper human beings. In this episode, we discuss Avengers: Endgame (fake) spoilers, Adobe being shady, Sonic movie backlash, and the Democratic Party.


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